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Connect Efficiently with VoIP


VOIP ServicesKnown by the acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol, VoIP is a technology that grants you the ability to call someone over the internet rather than over a landline or with a cell phone. The most popular example of this is Skype, which revolutionized how computer users connect with each other. Today, online calling and video chats abound with such apps as Google Hangouts, Allo, Discord, and more. At C First Computer Consultants, our VoIP packages provide a reliable, ease-of-use connectivity to ensure that your business interactions are as efficient as possible. Let our team of experts lead your business with Managed IT Services.


Connect Hands Free

Streamline how your employees connect with each other and your clients. With the growing popularity of internet call services, it’s becoming increasingly easy to contact people with online calling. Having the ability to call directly from your computer means employees waste no time having to travel from one work station to another to relay information. Employees can also set up video conferences with each other and with prospective customers to communicate in a way that saves hassle and preserves a vital human connection: face-to-face dialogue.


Affordable Call Plans

Because VoIP utilizes the internet as its landline connection, new wires and expensive construction projects are unnecessary, which makes the provided service much cheaper than standard phone plans. Because it makes your computer and headset your phone, you can cut both the cost and the tedious installation of physical desk phones. Additionally, if you opt in to our C First Computer Consultants VoIP plan, you can get unlimited calls nationwide as well as to select countries—at no extra fee.


Less Scam Calls

One of the inevitable drawbacks of any call service, whether phone or otherwise, is the scam caller traffic that will try to wheedle sensitive business information from you. Taking the time to sever communications with them does little, since new callers make contact no matter how diligent you are. Luckily, a benefit of integrating VoIP technology is that the number of spam calls over it is significantly reduced, since phishing scammers and robocallers focus most of their efforts on cell phone users. Now, instead of answering or blocking scam callers, this valuable saved work time can be put toward the more important goals of furthering your business.


Seamless Integration

Our IT Consultants understand the importance of a job well done. That’s why we make it a priority to integrate our VoIP software into your business in a way that provides you with our signature quality of service. From the day you start using it through the days it benefits your business, our VoIP service will fit flush with your business for the best productivity possible.

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