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Server Installation

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Server Installation

Linux Server InstallationThe central server for your business operations computers is the main storage location for all data across the board, and ensuring that the installed system is one of reliability and quality is vital. C First Computer Consultants delivers high-quality servers and installs to your company, bringing you a dependable central hub for your important data, and a solid foundation to your computer networks. We bring you a wide selection of servers to choose from and the professional installation that only comes with years of experience.



Central Operations

            All data that is used across your computer systems needs to be stored somewhere, and though a fair bit of your company information is saved over the cloud, there is still the necessity for a physical storage location for a vast quantity of it, this is where your central server comes in. This vital piece of the puzzle hosts the core files used across your computer system, in addition to the means in which most of your individual computers are backed up as a source of data recovery. As the center source of information for your business, ensuring the proper installation of this specific unit is a necessity.

Data Backup

            Though much of the data of lower importance can be stored in the cloud, there are certain key files and data that need to be stored physically on site, this is the purpose of your computer server, and illustrative of its importance. When systems across your company are backed up, the image written is saved both to the computer in question and to the server, to ensure that you always have a failsafe in place to fall back on in the event of a critical failure to any of your individual systems.

Highest Security

            With such a high importance placed on your central server, the importance of high security protocols put into place cannot be understated. We bring you the encryption services needed, combined with multi-step security measures in which to gain access to your server that are needed to ensure its full protection. With one central access point to the majority of the information in your business, ensuring that the security protocols put into place for its protection is an integral step that needs to be carried out by the most experienced professionals, such as those at C First Computer Consultants.


            Server computers are much different than your standard system computer, and ensuring the proper storage, maintenance, and operation of this specific unit will ensure that it will work dependably for your company. At C First Computer Consultants we bring you all of the services necessary to ensure that you can rely on your server to operate as intended and to keep the entirety of your network running smoothly. From the point of installation, to its eventual replacement years later, you can depend on our professionals to deliver you the best in reliability, and the continued day to day operation you need for your business.

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