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Network Installation

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Network Installation

network installation kalamazooConnecting your network is an integral part of ensuring that each and every computer in your company is working toward the same end. With the ability to share information, transfer the files and data between them, and access important data regardless of the portal you happen to be on, all of these integral parts of ensuring that your entire business is working as one cohesive unit will bring about a whole new level of productivity and capability when it comes to your business operations, and C First Computer Consultants brings you this professional installation.


Wired Infrastructure

            There are two main modes of networks used in business today: hard wired and wireless. And though normally a combination of the two is in use, it is essential that each aspect of the network is working properly with the other. With the wired infrastructure of your business network, this ensures that main computers are hooked up to servers and kiosk computers are hooked up to main computers. This physical connection between the computers allows for fast data transfer between them and is used for more vital aspects of your day to day business operation.

Wireless Networks

            Remote computers, and those of lower importance can be hooked up via a wireless network, allowing them the same connectivity to the network but with a sacrificed speed in data transfer. This is useful for companies with employees that have the option of working from home, as remote kiosks that are kept off the physical network in the event that an issue arises are hard wired to other computers. Properly installing and protecting your wireless network is key in ensuring that you can safely operate it and allow access to those who require that level of connectivity from remote locations.

System Networks

            Systems networks are not only convenient in being able to transfer information back and forth between computers, but to also allow your IT professionals to diagnose the network itself and any units hooked up to it. This means that if a certain section of your network faces issues, your IT team can access it and bring repairs to many units at once. This also allows for updating your system in one shot, such as patches to your operating system, or other works of that effect. The benefits of a network in your business are vast, and making the most of it is important.


            Not everyone on your network will have the same level of clearance when it comes to certain data and information, and though all of your systems will be backed up and taking information off of main servers, your payroll department doesn’t need to access the same information as your sales team. Therefore setting up the right user privileges is important to ensure that those who need specific information have access to it, without having their systems weighed down by various other, less important sections of information that aren't necessarily relevant to their position or the work they’re doing.

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