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Website Design

Before your customers read a single word on your website, the first thing they see is its design. Does your website leave a good first impression? From color schemes, to spatial ratios, every element of web design counts.

At C First, we’re pushing the limits of web design so that your business attracts the greatest number of visitors possible. Make your business a successful one—by design.

Google Rankings

When you can’t find something on Google, how much time do you spend searching before you give up? No matter how good of a deal your business provides, if your customers are unable to find your website easily, they will move on—or worse, choose a competitor that is more accessible. Don’t settle for obscurity. Increase your market visibility with our SEO and SEM solutions.


It’s no surprise that over 50% of shopping in the United States occurs online. E-commerce allows customers to shop from any location, at any time of the day. Is your business tapping into the potential of online marketing? Online stores provide efficient management over the entire retail experience. Augment your business strategy with our integrated e-commerce plans and champion the leading edge of your field.

Content Writing

Good content writing does three things: it appeals to customers, informs them how your business fulfills their need, and advertises the service that will address that need. If the text on your website lacks in any of these categories, your customers are the first to know.

Our content writing team actively explores new approaches to copywriting so that the text on your website not only invites customers, but also demonstrates that your business is capable of helping them.

Logo Design

Just as a sports team is instantly recognizable by its logo, so too is a business made iconic by its trademark brand. Don’t be one of the businesses that blend into the market—be the one that stands out.

Reinvent the face of your business with the expertise of our graphic designers, who have mastered an arsenal of creative skills to fashion a logo that identifies your business among the competition.

Google Analytics

Google’s website traffic monitor, Google Analytics, provides an effective means for business owners to track how often customers visit their site and which pages get the most hits. However, not all owners can invest the time to interpret this data, let alone respond in a way that will most benefit their business.

At C First, our IT Professionals can implement Google Analytics for you and interpret the patterns in your customer traffic so that you can shape your website to attract the largest number of visitors.


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