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Managed IT

At C First Computer Consultants, your mind will be at ease as all of your Managed IT needs are covered with us. We make sure your network is set up the right way from the start. Never worry what may happen in a disastrous situation as we have all contingencies covered. Let the experts at C First manage, protect, and repair your computers, servers, and networks.

Computer Repair

Your computer and service needs matter. Whether you’re a small business with a few computers or a large business with a full call center, we can handle your PC and Computer Repair needs. We can repair desktops, laptops, virus removal, hard drive replacement, Windows and Mac OS installs, and more. We are CompTIA A+ Certified Professionals.

Network Installation

No need for networking DIY—we have you covered with Professional Networking Installation Services. Whether you need a simple wireless router set up or a 48-port switch installed, there is no job too big or small. It is crucial to ensure network safety with a robust firewall and proper security settings. Don't cut corners when it comes to the backbone of your home or office.

Server Management

C First Computer Consultants specialize in installing and managing all types of servers. We can handle Windows or Linux servers.  Feel secure knowing that our monitoring system alerts us of any potential issues right away.  Also, ask about our cloud services.

Let us install, configure, and manage your server and its network components.

With over 118,000 managed service providers online today, choosing the right service partner is not only tough, but also important for the growth of your business. What sets C First apart from the rest is our award-winning team and its commitment to our core values: reliability, dependability, and profitability.



Our clients trust us to handle their most complex tech issues for them so they can connect with their customers. That’s why our rapid response team addresses your problems within 24 hours. Through our dedicated support, we saved Ace Parking Lot Striping 1,920 hours a year, which gives their business a market advantage every single day.


Running a business isn’t easy, so why should your IT problems get in the way? Our installation team’s deep knowledge of tech obstacles allows them to provide the smooth IT infrastructure that suits your business needs. As a result, they ensure superior protection against dangerous files, like commercial spyware and network viruses.


Who doesn’t enjoy saving money? Here, at C First, we believe every business should have the financial freedom to make groundbreaking advances in their field. That’s why we offer competitive prices against today’s leading IT companies. Cut your costs so that your opportunities provide the largest returns possible for your Business.

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C First Computer Consultants are a group of IT professionals dedicated to bringing you the reliable systems operation and management services you need to depend on your business network. From hardware to software and everywhere in between, we deliver a service solution that will have your entire business running smoothly, allowing you the luxury to pay less concern toward the makeup of your business network, and more focus into propelling your business forward. We accomplish this by bringing you a full service list of professional installation and maintenance services that encompass all of your needs, based on an experienced and highly trained staff working diligently for your needs. We are dedicated to bringing you all-encompassing services that go above the industry norm, while keeping our costs affordable, to bring you the maximum amount of benefit. We have worked, and continue to work, with businesses of all sizes, bringing reliable results across the system spectrum and allowing you the means of continued day-to-day operations unhindered by IT issues that may arise over the course of your network operation.


C First Computer Consultants is dedicated to bringing a transparent level of service that allows you to know exactly the services we provide and the means in which we provide them. This means that obtaining services from our company will have you understanding the exact level of involvement we have in your business systems, and the methods used to implement installation and maintenance services. Across the industry you can find widely ranging services all falling under the same title, which can lead you to confusion when it comes to the actual services offered, and how much of that work may fall onto you to manage yourself. Rather than bringing you the break/fix standard of old, where your IT professionals would only be on standby if an issue arises, we bring you a more proactive approach that is involved in every step of your systems installations and maintenance to ensure that if and when an issue does arise, our professionals are more versed and intimate with your network to minimize downtime and optimize the amount of time required to bring the best results. We are your source for involved and professional services such as:


There are many small aspects that are involved in the overall network provided to your company, and bringing the right level of attention and dedication to each piece is vital to the overall function of the whole. At C First Computer Consultants we bring you the services needed to address operations both small and large with the same level of intensity to ensure that your company network is stable and secure in all aspects. From singular security cameras to the installation of an additional router on your business property, each service that we carry out is done so in a manner that benefits your business network and minimizes the potential for issue. With the right installations and maintenance, you have the means to continually operate your system reliably and to spend less time and money on dealing with issues that may arise. It is only through the high level of care and attention that we bring to your business network that we have the capability to offer such a dependable experience when it comes to your overall business operation.


By ensuring that each application brought to your business network is done properly, and that issues are quickly and properly addressed, we bring you the most cost effective solution to ensuring that you have a dependable business network in place. We are dedicated to being an affordable solution to our clients, while still bringing the highest level of dedication and expertise. We accomplish this through proper maintenance, remote access services that eliminate the need for full-time on-site IT specialists, and quick and effective results to issues that allow you to minimize downtime, thereby keeping your business up and running for the highest amount of time. By bringing all of these elements together under the banner of professional and experienced system management, you have the ability to address every aspect of your business network in one service option. Through bringing services that aim to reduce issue, and eliminate the necessity of full-time IT specialists on site, you save thousands in man hours, allowing you to better invest those savings into other more vital infrastructure endeavors for your business, knowing that your network still has the most qualified professionals bringing the necessary services on a day-to-day basis.


Installation, maintenance, repair and replacement, remote support, and more. These are all of the services that C First Computer Consultants bring to your business to ensure that you have the most reliable systems running your day-to-day operations. We understand the vital nature of your business network, and that bringing the best is only as good as providing the best results. When looking for a professional IT specialist service for your business, trusting in the experience and knowledge that C First Computer Consultants bring to your business will only yield benefit. We bring you a transparent and reliable service that uses years of experience combined with the most current knowledge in systems operations to ensure that you have access to the most cutting-edge technology of today operating in your business. We bring our specialized services to companies of all sizes, all with the same level of dedication to our craft. No matter the service you require, calling our offices and speaking with one of our professionals will have you well on your way to getting the best, for the most affordable price. From the first installation to the final diagnostic, we are hard at work bringing our specialized expertise to your business.

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